Observations from my writing desk, Wednesday 2/12

Location: kitchen table in my apartment, cat on lap.

1. I wanted to start this by saying that I feel great regret for neglecting this blog for a while, but the truth is that I don’t. Sometimes a little time away really clears the mind! A lot has happened since we last sat with one another, oh blogtain my blogtain.¬†

2. For starters, I spent two slow hours cooking what was supposed to be a quick shrimp pad thai tonight. My first pad thai! Have yet to taste it. However, I can now brag that I de-shelled and de-veined a pound of shrimp. It was gross, and tearing off those feathery little legs made me question why I had ever wanted to eat this crap in the first place, but once the shrimp started cooking up to their beautiful pink I knew it was going to be okay.

2. Made a lot of edits to the short story I submitted to Writer’s Digest (oops) and submitted it to a few other journals. I feel so confident when submitting a piece, but then I feel rip roaringly anxious wondering why none of them have called me yet. Don’t they know who I am??? (Don’t answer that.)

3. The YA book I was working on for the past year has been shelved. It needed a rest, and some direction. I still love the concept and what I’ve written so far, but it started to flounder, so I decided to move on to something else.

4. I picked up a manuscript I last worked on during the summer of 2012 and have been pounding away at the story, and I really love the damn thing. I’d been piecing it together over a few years, slowly forming the characters and getting to know them. Progress halted when I had all these amazing characters suddenly have no real direction or purpose, but thanks to my day job (seriously, this is seriously thanks to my day job) I came up with an idea for how the protagonist can progress! A huge development in the story! I nearly punched my computer when it popped into my head, I was so darn elated. I’m doing lots of research and working to build the best narrative that I can. It’s movig much faster than my last manuscript, and I work on it every single day. I read and write at work for 8 hours, then I come home and get to work on my real job. Hopefully I do a good enough job to get an agent this year!

[This has been an example of a buried lead. You’re welcome.]


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